Desperate for Broadband Internet in Columbia County, NY?

Super-Fi to

the Rescue!

Who are we?

Now Available! A New Way To Get Connected - Faster And Better!

Get Connected:

Super-Fi wireless broadband Internet service NOW extends into both Chatham and Copake areas!


NOWSuper-Fi broadband Internet can reach homes and businesses who have had no other alternative, or been stuck on a poor connection - until now.


Super-Fi Service rollout has now begun!


We invite you to order service NOW! We will contact you if your location is within our initial signal footprint and if so, to schedule installation appointment. And when we begin scheduling installations, we will then offer you the opportunity to subscribe for Super-Fi service. So there's no obligation to signup, and even after installation, we give you 30-days to cancel if you are unhappy with Super-Fi service. Areas outside Chatham and Copake: We plan to extend our signal footprint to many more areas soon. Importantly, by signing-up you can help us prioritize those areas that have the largest broadband gap, where need for Internet connection is most acute. Please sign-up now and tell us where Super-Fi is needed most!


Super-FiResidential Internet connections speeds: 6Mbps x 3Mbps; Small business connections speeds: 10Mbps x 10Mbps symmetric. Monthly fees are FLAT RATE (no usage or data overage fees!). We are a wireless ISP, not a mobile telephone carrier.


1st Anniversary Special! pricing deal below:



A note about speed variability and availability:

Speeds are not guaranteed. Super-Fi connections may vary in speed based on a variety of factors including geography and topology, as well as technical factors including volume of traffic on the Internet, website content, and overall performance and configuration of your computer(s). Stated speeds and uninterrupted use of service are not guaranteed. Actual speeds may be lower than the listed speeds during peak hours.


Service availability is limited to coverage area of ASA Networks’ wireless network. Line of sight to an ASA Network access point may be required. Residential installation service is limited to one location within the home at no more than 100 feet from antenna. Optimal antenna placement will be determined by qualified ASA installer. In some locations, additional charges may apply in order to obtain usable signal strength.


All plans have a minimum commitment period of 24 months. Please see Subscriber Agreement for details. ASA Networks Internet access service contract are subject to Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Use Policies.


  • Residential Service:

    6Mbps x 3 Mbps connection:

    Only $39.95 per month FLAT RATE for 6 months!*

    No data caps! No usage fees!

    (*2 year contract required; $49.95 per month after 6 months)

    Installation and Setup (one-time fee): only $49! (regularly $150)


    Alternative: 1-year contract option (12 month commitment):

    $49.95 per month; installation: $150


  • Business Service:

    10 Mbps x 10 Mbps symmetric:

    Only $79.95 per month for 1st year!*


    (2 year contract required; $89.95 per month for 2nd year)

    Installation: $99 (regularly $150)



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